The Missing Adewura’s Corpse Has Been Found In A Canal In Lagos…

The Missing 26-yr-old woman, Adewura Latifat Belo inhumane has been discovered dead. As indicated by our certified source, her body was found in a trench in Lagos.

Adewura disappeared 11 days prior. She was keep going addressed on fifteenth night when she was en route once again from work.

She was said to have considered home to advise her sister that she was at Cement Transport Stop, Iyana Ipaja, yet she didn’t return home.

One of her relatives said Adewura’s telephone last synced to Google at 7:59 pm inside Gowon Bequest where she lives.

Eleven days after her vanishing, the body of the woman was found in a trench.

This was reported on twitter yesterday by Benjamin, who is said to be her cousin.

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