KHLOE KARDASHIAN Says She Can’t Trust Her BABY TRUE With Her Mom,When It Comes To Sugar…

It’s a captivating discussion on child rearing watch and figure out how every one of the Kardashian sisters manage their kids.

The one year old mother says she can’t trust baby True with her mom,Chris Jenner,since gramma is ready to fatten up the kid with all sort of sweet things.

Khloe dished with Disso Ruler Laura Wasser on her hit digital recording, ‘Divorce Sucks!’ which drops Monday and Khloe says Kris resembles your run of the mill grandmother continually fussing about additional layers and paying off the little ones with sugary treats.

Khloe uncovers True yet to taste any sort of unnatural sugars however she must watch her back around Kris since granny needs to fill out the 1-year-old with a wide range of desserts. Khloe trusts Kris’ delectable rewards are her method for getting Kim’s and Kourtney’s children.

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  1. Ishola busayo barakat says:

    Awwn Kris’s not her fault

  2. Shakira says:

    That’s nice

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