I Am Addicted To Having Sex With Over two thousand Females LAMAR ODOM

As got together by our game class reporters,Lamar Odom says he’s dependent on sex and claims he’s had relations with in excess of two thousand ladies including strippers and prostitutes,wow Yippee or Nay.

Odom tells the truth about his sexual coexistence in his destined to be discharged book,Darkness of Light where he says,I have been fixated on sex for whatever length of time that I can recollect.

There were such a large number of strippers to tally,Odom said in a passage previously gave to Individuals It was definitely not a major ordeal, however regularly I would pay them.I never considered less them.

In the book,Odom additionally concedes he undermined Khloe Kardashian amid their marriage and she discovered. I was stunned and humiliated,Odom told Individuals I needed to take it back, however you can’t,wanted to conceal it. In any case, that wiped out transgression was difficult for me to shroud I had an issue.

He was hitched to the Kardashian in 2009 and they went on for a long time and they weren’t authoritatively separated until 3 years back.

Odom likewise says pornography habit was a noteworthy issue for him and he was so fixated on X-evaluated recordings, I came up short on pornography to watch That is the way you know when you are going a little over the edge.

He further confessed to Individuals that sex would trigger his medication use since it would enable him to get serious about that nice sentiment. Obviously, Odom’s indecencies all reached a critical stage at the Adoration Farm massage parlor in Nevada four years ago when the ex-NBA star overdosed amid a cocaine and liquor filled gorge.

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4 Responses

  1. Adamu Muhammad says:

    Wonderful shall never end

  2. Ishola busayo barakat says:

    So sad…khloe really tried for Lamar tho

  3. Natacha says:

    Sorry Lamar… U should have accept Khloe’s help.

  4. Edet says:

    That mean…!! Man need serious help ASAP!!

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