REMY Ma and SAFAREE SUED OVER Benefit Show THEIR Insatiable Asses MADE US Drop!!!

Remy Ma and Safaree crashed an advantage show after supposedly disrupting 2 straightforward norms yet it’s sufficient to get them both sued.

The Circle Foundation which coaches Chicago-zone young people is suing the rappers, saying they marked to perform at a raising support show back on April 21, 2018, at the Wintrust Field in Chicago. As per our nearby source the Foundation was compelled to drop the show after the rappers broke their agreements.

The Foundation guarantees their agreements explicitly expressed Remy and Safaree couldn’t perform inside 60 miles of the field for 30 days before the occasion. It’s known as a performance eliteness statement, and it’s a typical practice advertisers use to make beyond any doubt their shows remain in hot demand.

In the suit, the Foundation says the rappers concurred and marked the arrangement with Remy getting a $35k store installment and Safaree getting $7,250.

The issue, as indicated by the docs, is Remy performed on April 8 at the Dark Ladies’ Expo in Chicago and Safaree played the Rockin’ Steed Cantina and Barbecue on April 14 of every a Chicago suburb.

Subsequently, The Circle Foundation says it asked Remy and Safaree to restore the batter yet got the brush off. It’s currently suing to recover its cash, in addition to harms.

Remy’s lawyer Eric Sanders discloses to us she is “ignorant of any implied lawful activity documented however, on the off chance that such activity is started she will react as needs be.

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